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What is it?

iHosp is a service platform that allows health institutions (emergency services, clinics, hospitals, Health Insurance Companies and others) to quickly find available hospital beds (ICUs, apartments, wards, etc.) for your patients.

iHosp is a multiplatform solution which provides a structure to disclose information and to search for hospital beds through a network of health institutions that can be both service Providers and/or bed Requesters.


Are hospitals and clinics that have hospital beds available for patients in need of admission.

The hospital services Provider receives a bed solicitation in real time from the vacancy Requester. Based on the informed profile and complexity of the clinical picture, the Provider analyses each case and decides if he wants to receive the patient.


Are doctors, emergency units, clinics, health services, health insurance companies and other hospitals looking for hospital beds to hospitalize their patients.

For the vacancy Requester, iHosp enables finding availability of hospital beds quickly and reliably, to hospitalize patients. To do this, one simply needs to provide registration and basic clinical data of the patient and request the search.


Through the use of iHosp doctors will have ease never seen before to request places needed to hospitalize their patients from the Health Insurance Company. In addition to that, one can request other unique health services such as home care, palliative care, wound care and other types of care. All of this without needing to go to emergency services. This innovative agility will certainly help these medical processes and consequently improve health systems performance and bring comfort to patients, families and health professionals.

Health insurance companies

iHosp is a platform that provides more control and operational efficiency to the operation of health insurance companies. Using our platform, they can use the profile of regulating agent. This profile will receive vacancy and/or services requests and will be able to direct them to the most appropriate vacancy provider without necessarily incurring any additional costs with emergency services.

Facility, agility and simplicity.

iHosp platform provides infrastructure to disclose the vacancy needs of the Requesters, as well as allowing the Providers to identify potential customers to fullfill their availability.

The objective is to correctly match the demand and the correct profile of supply. Thus reducing the time for the admission of patients and, also, the idleness of hospital beds in the network.

With iHosp the occupation of the vacancies will be more efficient and tailored to each profile.

More occupancy x needs control!

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